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Psychic gr Channeling Course provides one to one and group activities, coordinating mind body and spirit. Learn how to :-

Enhance all your five senses and sixth sense - extra sensory perception (ESP).

Increase your awareness, psychic and channeling abilities.

Enrich your daily life and capabilities.

Extend your natural positive energy.

Be more centred, relaxed and aware.

Channel through your third eye and sacred heart to receive channeled messages.

Interact with channeled messages from your higher self, your guides and loved ones.

Become telepathic so you can communicate and sense the well being of others.

Connect, see and sense the true spirit of other human beings on this earth plane and higher dimensions.


We can adapt the course to suit your specific needs or requirements, if requested.

Course Tutor 

Michael J Robey


3 x 60 Mins Session - €250

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